Facebook Hack: Add a HUGE Eye Catching ‘About Me’ OR CTA Graphic to your Personal Facebook Profile

  • Step 1: Design the Graphic, Minimum Size is 300x300px
    Add a Mouse Cursor Call-To-Action To the Graphic To Encourage Visitors To Click on the Graphic To Find Your Link
  • Step 2: Upload the photo (I set my privacy for the photo to ‘only me’ because I don’t want it to splat all over the newsfeed, then I hide it on my timeline)
  • Step 3: Go to ‘Add Featured Photos’ on your profile page

NOTE: You have the Option to choose up 5 photos, but if you only choose to Add One Photo, it will be the Only Photo Displayed in full Size (This is the TRICK)

(Facebook will duplicate this photo and make it PUBLIC when you select it to be A Featured Photo, if you added a description when you uploaded this photo, it will not be copied)

  • Step 4: Select the Photo you just uploaded
  • Step 5: After Adding the Photo, click on it to add a description, maybe a CTA (you can use a bitly link to measure the activity of this link)
  • Step 6: Comment below If you’re going to try this
  • Step 7: Tag a friend below, Because SHARING is caring


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[Simplified Success]
[Simplified Success]