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To Discover How You Can Join A Select Group Of Professionals Who Plan To Harness
The Power Of A Mastermind To Quickly Increase Their Impact And Their Income

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Imagine being part of an exclusive group of women who are all committed to
uniting together to embrace their unique female entrepreneurial (shepreneur) powers
and leveraging them to make a bigger impact in the world and to make more money.

These individuals each bring unique perspectives, resources, skills, and contacts to the group.
Most importantly, each one is committed to actively working towards their own goals—and supporting
the other members in achieving theirs as well; a true win/win opportunity for everyone involved.

Are you ready to harness the power of a mastermind to up-level your business?

All applications will be considered. Once reviewed we will book a consultation call to determine fit and discuss the investment terms.

My Name Is Christie Ruffino…

And I’ve been uniting and supporting women in the business world for over 13 years.

I’ve been launching, filling and running networking groups and helping professional women become Amazon Bestselling Published Authors longer than most entrepreneurs have sustained in their businesses. 

And over the last few years I’ve seen so many “purpose driven” entrepreneurs struggle, unnecessarily, to create a high revenue generating business because they think they have to do it alone. While they believe they can’t afford to hire the right support, they are actually sabotaging themselves and ensuring their own slow and painful financial demise.

While I’ve discovered that belonging to an industry exclusive networking group like the Dynamic Professional Women’s Network, Inc. ( WORKS for most businesses; a BETTER way for coaches, entrepreneurs & industry experts to create a huge impact and exponential revenue growth is by belonging to a rapid acceleration, professionally facilitated mastermind group. More specifically one that focuses on leveraged income creation.

Because of my belief in the power and profit of masterminds and my desire for every person on the planet to be supported through one… (and my frustration at all the crappy masterminds out there) I’ve developed the Shepreneur Power Mastermind program where you’ll not only get comprehensive training from my THRIVE Business Breakthrough Program you will learn how to create leveraged income and make quantum leaps in your business quickly with the support and accountability of the mastermind circle and the mastermind circle leader.

You can read more about it below and then click to apply to the program button.

Key Benefits of Joining a High Functioning,
Rapid Acceleration Mastermind Group:

  • Align with an exclusive community of high performing entrepreneurs
  • Collaborate to create joint venture and marketing opportunities
  • Aspire to think bigger and rise up to the higher level members
  • Increase your own experience, knowledge and confidence
  • Sharpen your business and personal communication skills
  • Receive fresh ideas and a different perspective on your efforts
  • Get honest feedback and advice from brainstorming sessions
  • Learn from the experience and skills of the other members
  • Receive critical insights into yourself and your business strategy
  • Gain optimistic peer support in maintaining a positive mental attitude
  • Acquire a sense of shared endeavor – there are others out there
  • Add an instant and valuable support network
  • Receive accountability and encouragement for accomplishing your goals
  • Create transformational results in your business and your life!

There are many levels of synergy, energy, commitment and excitement that participants bring to a mastermind group. My facilitated groups offer a combination of masterminding, peer brainstorming, education, collaboration, accountability and support in a group setting that will sharpen your business and personal skills.

Napoleon Hill coined the concept of the mastermind alliance in his classic book Think and Grow Rich. He believed that a group of like-minded, achievement-oriented individuals could dramatically leverage each other’s success.



Two Monthly Shepreneur Power virtual mastermind meetings, where you will unite with the mastermind team to manifest affiliate relationships, unique and cutting edge strategies, exponential business growth and so much more…

One Hot Seat Session, where you will have the opportunity to garner the entire resources of your Mastermind Circle and Mastermind Circle Leader to make quantum leaps forward in your business.

BONUS: Material delivered from the THRIVE ~ Business Breakthrough Program [always recorded and available afterwards].

Belonging To High Acceleration Mastermind Is The Fastest, Easiest,
And Most Joyful Way To Attract More Clients, Earn More Money And Grow
Your Business So That You Escape The Time-For-Money Trap
And Create A Bigger Impact & Income In Less Time!

Just to be clear, this is FOR you if…

  • You are a solo/small business entrepreneur who is struggling to decrease your level of anxiety because you are not where you want to be with your business
  • You have experience and knowledge that you want to share with more clients in less time
  • Your making money, but it is not as much and as consistent as you would like
  • You want to create a substantial increase in abundance in time/freedom/money in a way that lets you regain control over your work – if your plate is full now in terms of time this group will help you find more time to have the freedom you want to do what you love to do
  • You are motivated and committed to investing time and money in yourself and your business so you can create more capacity to serve in your business and your life
  • You know your goals and want to shorten your learning curve on implementation and progress and be held accountable to be an even more profitable business owner
  • You are ready and willing to play FULL-ON

This is NOT for you if…

  • You want to keep doing everything alone
  • You are not willing or able to commit to showing up consistently for yourself and the other group members – members will show up for you and you need to show up for them
  • You are unwilling to try new techniques, tools or business processes for your business
  • You are not willing or scared to share your energy, enthusiasm, knowledge, wisdom, resources and network – each member willingly holds the highest vision and outcome for each participant
  • You are unwilling to examine and work on personal self-limiting beliefs, judgements and perceptions that might be holding you back from experiencing the successes you deserve
  • You are not willing to invest in systems and support to help you accelerate your success


This is a 120 day program with two monthly virtual mastermind meetings
per month and one individual hot seat session per member.

All members are expected to attend and participate fully in each meeting regardless if their hot seat session is scheduled
or not, keeping in mind that there will be as much value available in giving and supporting as in receiving.

Unless noted here, the schedule will be determined by the majority decision of the charter members.


4 EASY Payments of $497

(Or SAVE & pay in full $1,738)


4 EASY Payments of $397  (Or SAVE & pay in full $1,338)




$5,200 Combined Value


Material delivered from the THRIVE ~ Business Breakthrough Program [always recorded and available afterwards].
($1,995 Value)

One Jump Start Your Profits ~ Strategy Session to clarify your leverage-able expertise and identify your leveraged income opportunities.
($497 Value)

One Double Your Results ~ Wrap-up Session after the final mastermind to define the next best step for you to double your program results.
($497 Value)

VIP Member Profile and visibility on the Dynamic Professional Women’s Network (DPWN) website.
($1,297 Value)

Lifetime access to the Shepreneur NationTM “Private” Facebook group.
($997 Value)

Are You Ready To Harness The Power Of The Mastermind

To Up-Level Your Business?

If you want to create a big impact and earn a big income in less time,


Take Action Now!

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All applications will be considered.
Once reviewed we will book a consultation call
to determine fit and discuss the investment terms.


Not Sure Exactly What A Mastermind Group Is?

Mastermind groups offer a combination of education, brainstorming, peer accountability, encouragement and support in a group setting and structure designed to sharpen your business skills.

Participants challenge each other to set powerful goals, and more importantly, to accomplish them. The acceptance of this voluntary peer pressure gives participants personal growth opportunities.  The group requires commitment, confidentiality, willingness to both give and receive advice and ideas, and support each other with total honesty, respect and compassion. Mastermind group members act as catalysts for growth, devil’s advocates and supportive colleagues. This is the essence and value of mastermind groups.

What A Mastermind Is NOT

It’s not a class. While my groups may include additional training components, the main focus of a mastermind group is the brainstorming, accountability and support among the group members.

It’s not group coaching. Mastermind groups are about the members sharing with each other, not about the facilitator coaching individuals in a group setting. You get everyone’s feedback, advice and support.

It’s not a networking group. While you may share leads and resources with each other, it is not the main focus of the meetings. However, through your connections with other members, you will find plenty of joint venture opportunities, lead sharing, and professional networking.

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[Simplified Success]